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Little Puppet Gains Foreign Fans

Berlin time 3:00 p.m. November 20th, delegated by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, Jiangsu Puppet Troupe (Yangzhou Puppet Institute) completed the final performance during the 20th Berlin Puppet Festival held at Berlin Chinese Culture Center and drew a perfect ending for the trip of Yangzhou Puppet to Berlin. In recent days, the municipal Puppet Institute acted six consecutive performances at the Berlin Children's Palace, having a full house for every performance and gaining a large number of German fans of Yangzhou puppet. At the same time, Yangzhou puppet sent an invitation to the German director to creat the children’s puppet show together.

It is reported that there are 31 puppet troupes participating in the 20th Berlin Puppet Festival. Yangzhou puppet, as the representative of Jiangsu Puppet Art, shows the unique charm of the traditional stick puppet art. “Jasper Flower Dance”, “Mask-Changing”, “ Banqiao Makes a Painting”, “Wusong Fights the Tiger” and other programs are performed in succession and won a lot of praise.

In addition, the puppet show “Forest Prince” created by Yangzhou and Argentina is expected to premiere in Yangzhou on the 22nd next month, then go to South America for tour.

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