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Two Brands of Yangzhou were Selected as the “World’s Best Restaurant”

Andingmeng restaurant of Beijing Huaiyang House, represented by Huaiyang cuisine ranks in the world’s best restaurant list “La Liste”, as the second Chinese restaurant. Yangzhou State Guesthouse as a handful prefecture-level city restaurant in the list, ranks fifty-fourth. One is high-spirited and very best in Beijing; the other is based on the local and renowned both at home and aboard. Both of them are adhering to the concept of “inheritance, not to keep the old; innovation, not to forget the roots”, bravely trying to develop the manage mode of “catering with the Internet”, defining the market and quality first.

Beijing Huaiyang House is formerly named Yangzhou Fumanlou. After 14 years in Beijing, now it has two brands in Beijing and three locations. Andingmeng restaurant of Beijing Huaiyang House, located in the Beijing Dongcheng District, opened in 2011, devotes to taking traditional, high-quality, authentic Huaiyang cuisine to Beijing and builds the best Huaiyang cuisine restaurant in Beijing.

Yangzhou State Guesthouse is a rare prefecture-level city restaurant that in the list. After more than 20 years’ effort, the excellent cooks of Yangzhou State Guesthouse performed tasting in more than 20 countries and regions like America, Australia, Singapore,etc. The cooks were dispatched to Embassies and Consulates of more than 20 countries.

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