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September 26th is the Ancient City Protection Day of Yangzhou

A few days ago, “Regulations of Yangzhou Ancient City Protection”, approved by the twelve session of the Provincial Standing Committe in the twenty-seventh meeting, will be implemented on January 1st , 2017. This is also one of the first substantive local regulations after Yangzhou was officially able to exercise local legislative power.

The area of Yangzhou ancient city is: east city moat of Tangzicheng, Huangjinbei Road and Grand Canal to the east; Grand Canal, Erdaogou Channel, Lotus Pond and Baodai River to the south; Baodai River, Baozhang River and west city moat of Tangzicheng to the west; north city moat of Tangzicheng and Shangfang Temple to the north. It covers an area of about 18.25 square kilometers. Among them, Grand Canal to the east, Grand Canal to the south, Erdaogou River to the west and north city moat to the north are historical districts of Ming and Qing Dynasties, which covers an area of about 5.09 square kilometers. Other area of Yangzhou ancient city are the ancient city ruins area.

The content of historical district protection of Ming and Qing Dynasties includes not only city historical styles and forms and spatial structure, historical and cultural blocks, cultural relics protection units, immovable cultural relics waiting to be ratified as cultural relics protection units, historic buildings and traditional buildings, ancient city ruins, industrial heritage, classical gardens, ancient trees, ancient well, ancient bridge beam, ancient arches, ancient inscriptions, but also the border trees of Huaihai Road, Guoqingl Road, Dujiang Road, Ganquan Road, Guangling Road. In addition, the content also includes historical placenames(ancient streetnames), names of historical buildings, names of business time-honored brands as well as intangible cultural heritage.

The content of ancient city ruins area protection includes city ruins of Guangling city of Warring States-Six Dynasties, Jiangdu city of Sui Dynasty, Tangzicheng, Baoyou city of Southern Song Dynasty, Luocheng of Tang Dynasty, Zhouxiaocheng, Songdacheng and Songjiacheng. It also includes facility relics of ancient Hangou Canal, ancient Grand Canal, Caohe River, moat and other historical riverbeds, bridges and wharf.

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