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Yangzhou Puppet Will be Unveiled at the Berlin Puppet Festival

In the afternoon 14th, delegated by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, the performance group of 11 people from Jiangsu Puppet Troupe (Yangzhou Puppet Institute)  departed for Pudong airport, taking morning flight to Germany on 15th, and took part in the 20th session of the Berlin Puppet Festival held by Berlin China Cultural Center. Yangzhou puppet, as the representative of Jiangsu puppet art, will send pure and unique Yangzhou stick puppet art to Berlin people.

It is reported that the trip to Berlin will last for seven days and according to the plan there are six performances in Berlin Children's Palace. Dai Ronghua, the head of Jiangsu Puppet Troupe and the director of Yangzhou Puppet Institute, syas that the municipal puppet institute will bring 7 programs in all. There are performances called “ Hula Dance”, “Fan Dance”, “Jasper Flower Dance” and so on that represent the technique and skills of Yangzhou traditional stick puppet. There are performances called “Mask-changing”, “ Banqiao Makes a Painting” and so on which show the unique skills and technique of Yangzhou puppet. There are programs which are narrative and have the elements that children love, such as “Fat Person and Mosquitoes”, “Wusong Fights the Tiger” and so on.

"All of these programs have one common feature that no language is needed." Dai Ronghua syas, through the manipulation of puppet and the show of plot, the little puppet will cross the language barrier, showing the authentic and traditional "Yangzhou taste" for viewers from the other side of the ocean and sending them pure Chinses culture and art.

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