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Three International Media Focus on the Development of Yangzhou

On November 15th local time, Australian Chinese media <Ocean Daily>, the South Africa Chinese media <Africa Times> respectively focused on Yangzhou with full page reports, introduced the development of Yangzhou in the past five years and the development ideas of the next five years in details. The Chinese media <South American Qiao Bao> with the largest Chinese readers in Brazil also launched a full page report of Yangzhou on November 16th local time.

Taking “Promote the Construction of Jianghuai Ecological Corridor, Uphold the Green Development of Yangzhou”as the main title and some convincing pictures, <Ocean Daily> focused on introducing Yangzhou’s attention to the ecological environment. “Excellent ecological environment is the crowning glory of Yangzhou, the protection of the ecological environment is Yangzhou’s most persistent pursuit and it has deepened into the city’s gens”. In the report, during the “12th five-year-plan”, Yangzhou put forward the “ecological city” development strategy first in the province, explored a civilization development road of production development, rich life and good ecology. Looking back over the past five years, Yangzhou not only created a new level of economic and social development, but also harvested a series of ecological environment “medals” and won a series of awards such as the National Garden City, the National Ecological City, the National Forest City, the Demonstration City of National Water Ecological Civilization Construction and the National Civilized City.

The circulation of <South American Qiao Bao> ranks first of the Chinese media in Brazil, it has the largest number of Chinese readers among local newspaper. The newspaper reported in the full page, taking the title of “Yangzhou Build a High Level Well-off Society Comprehensively”, introduced that in September this year, the seventh Party Congress was held in Yangzhou, Party Secretary Xie Zhengyi said, the past five years were one of the period that the comprehensive strength of Yangzhou grew fastest, the face of urban and rural areas changed the most and people got the most benefits. Yangzhou’s development in the next five years, adhereed to stay true to the mission and people-centered development thought, truly served the people and made people’s satisfaction as the starting point and end result of all the work.

In the report --“the Next Five Years, Yangzhou will try the best to do ten things and to a new level”, <Africa Times> introduced that “as the theme of ‘step on a new level, construct a new Yangzhou’, build a high level well-off society comprehensively, struggle to write a good Yangzhou chapter of the first century dream of the Chinese Dream”, “effort to build a new Yangzhou of ‘strong economy, the people rich, beautiful environment, a high degree of social civilization’”. This is the development blueprint of the next five years of Yanghzou painted by the seventh Party Congress. At the same time, the report also introduced ten things related to the overall situation and long-term development of Yangzhou that determined by the seventh Party Congress.

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