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Yangzhou Invention Patents Won 15 Awards

The ninth International Invention Exhibition was recently held in Kunshan, Suzhou. Yangzhou invention patent gained 15 medals. The “SMC-5000 intelligent sliding mode paving machine” of Jiangsu Siming Engineering Machinery Limited Company, the “nuclear-level pneumatic actuator” of Yangzhou Electric Power Equipment Building and Repairing Factory Limited Company,these three projects won the Gold Award. In addition Yangzhou invention patent also won 8 Sliver Award, 4 Bronze. It is understood that this exhibition was sponsored by the International Federation of China Invention Association and Inventor Association and was undertaken by Jiangsu Invention Association and other units. It has attracted nearly 1000 institutions and inventors from all over the world, demonstrated more than 3,000 of the latest technology and has accumulated more than 3 million peolpe visiting the exhibition.

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