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Jian Zhen Library was Approved to be the Provincial Exchange Base for Taiwan

A few days ago, Yangzhou Jian Zhen Library was approved to set up Exchange Base for Taiwan and Jiangsu Province. The base will make full use of religious, cultural and other resource advantages to carry out exchanges for Taiwan and play a positive role in expanding and deepening exchanges and cooperations between Yangzhou and Taiwan, having a close and harmonious contact and emotion between people from these two places, and promoting peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

Yangzhou Jian Zhen Library was donated by Taiwan Master Hsing Yun and is the largest Buddhist library currently opened to the public. In a very long time, Yangzhou Jian Zhen Library holds "Yangzhou Forum", opens culture college, organizes meditation, guqin, painting, tea and other trainings, guides people to "Do Good Things, Speak Good Words, Bear Good Intention”, and promotes social harmony. Yangzhou Jian Zhen Library also held Cross-Strait Symposium on Human Buddhism, Brushstroke Calligraphy Exhibition of Master Hsing Yun, China• Yangzhou Cross-Strait Vegetarian Culture and Trade Fair and other activities, enriching cultural life of the local people, building emotional bridge of “mind fit” for Taiwan and Yangzhou compatriots, and providing unique platform for cross-strait exchanges and cooperations.

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