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Yangzhou Announced the First Batch of Historical Names Protection List

Place names, are not only the coordinates of space, but also the coordinates of the culture. After nearly a year of recommend assessment work, recently, the municipal government announced <the First Batch of Yangzhou Historical Names Protection List>. There are 810 historical names that need to be protected in the list, including natural geographical entities, administrative areas, streets, garden sites and monuments.

It is reported that in order to implement the <Regulations of Jiangsu Province on Place-name Administration>, the civil affairs department formulated the <Yangzhou historical place name protection system> and defined the concept of Yangzhou historical place names which refers to the place names with geographical characteristics and historical and cultural value of Yangzhou, and formulated the specific standards of Yangzhou historical place names, that with the characteristics of Yangzhou regional geographical features, language features, property characteristics, administrative division characteristics; or record and statement in the institutions; or reflect the regional economic and social development, historical and cultural changes; with a certain historical and cultural background and human content, widely circulated and win universal praise, and the place names used many years (generally more than 50 years).

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